Our management team have over 40 years’ experience in the Cleaning Industry and all our staff are passionate about cleaning. No job is too big or too small. For over 24 years, Pro-Eco has serviced major Blue-Chip organisations. Our expertise covers numerous markets, from shopping centres and office buildings to hotels, industrial sites and entertainment venues. Every project gives us a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of a holistic approach to cleaning – ensuring healthier people through healthier spaces.

We specialise in

Hard floor treatments

Hard floors, from concrete and tiles to brick and natural stone all have unique wear, tear and cleaning attributes. We know how to treat every type of floor to ensure its safely and spotlessly cleaned.

Stripping & sealing of hard floors

Each hard floor type has different attributes and we ensure only the best materials are used to make your floors look like new again.

Carpet & upholstery spray extraction

Spray extraction methods ensure the least moisture is left behind, while all the dirt is removed and dissolved.

Ablution & washroom deep cleaning

Thoroughly cleaned and sparkling ablutions and washrooms.

Kitchen deep cleaning

There are a lot of greasy and hard-to-reach spaces in a kitchen – out team knows exactly how to get to those spaces and how to ensure they’re cleaned to perfection.

Pre- & post-occupation building cleaning

Ensure everything is to your satisfaction before you move in and when you move out with an exceptionally thorough clean.

Cleaning of acoustic & vinyl ceilings

Specialised cleaning for acoustic and vinyl ceilings is required to ensure the materials are not damaged and are thoroughly cleaned.

Restoration of acoustic & vinyl ceilings 

Exquisitely restored and matched to existing ceilings.

Pure water window cleaning

Our use of pure water, which has been deionized to strip out all naturally occurring minerals, guarantees there are no spots or streaks left on your windows.

High-pressure cleaning of buildings

Pollution, dust, general dirt and wear and tear is washed away in no time with our specialized equipment.

Degreasing & cleaning of parkades

Oil drips, rubber marks and all number of slippery and sticky stains are completely and effortlessly removed.

Cleaning of high rise areas bulkheads, beams and light fittings

Those hard-to-reach places are no match for our team and equipment.

Pro-Eco Cleaning

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